About Us

A message from our founder, Tiffany Watson.

“My vision is to help girls achieve their goals and find the happiest version of themselves, In every element of life”

My dream growing up was to achieve something meaningful that also helped others. I have always had a devout love for this beautiful planet we live on, from the people to the animals and the environment. I wanted to create something that looks after these important elements, whilst helping girls dream big and achieve their goals.

I believe that every single day should count. We live in a world so fast paced that at times, we forget to be grateful, set intentions and take notice of the little things. All Three Six Five products and packaging are vegan and recycled to ensure we not only enjoy the little things but also look after them too.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and remember to always chase your dreams and make every day count,

With love,
Tiffany Watson x