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Hip and Healthy

Tiffany checked in with Hip and Healthy Founder, Sadie Reid 


Hip & Healthy - Stylish Activewear & Well-being Magazine

UK stockists of the most stylish activewear & exclusive brands including Tully Lou, Vie Active, L'urv, Sukishufu, Varley, Alo Yoga, Kalindi, YAS, HPE & more

1. What were you doing before you started Hip and Healthy?

For 5 years before starting Hip & Healthy I worked at Conde Nast Traveller Magazine. In many ways it was my dream job, but I always pined to do something in the wellness sector, which was my true passion. Before that, straight out of university, I started a very small magazine of my own called Health Henley (I was living in Henley on Thames). I wrote the editorial, sold the advertising, and even distributed it all myself. It was a huge learning curve, fun, sometimes stressful, and all consuming; just like any entrepreneurial venture I guess!

2. What made you decide to start Hip and Healthy?

I loved the magazine industry, yet I didn't feel that anywhere offered the sort of wellness content I was looking for. All the health magazines back then (5 years ago) focused on loosing weight, detoxing, health fads, artificial supplements etc. And none of it was stylish, aspiring and beautiful. So I set out to start the first online health and wellbeing magazine that produced interesting content that felt luxurious as well and had great imagery to reflect the great editorial. Hip & Healthy was born! 

3. What was your biggest fear about starting your own business?

If I am being honest I didn't have any fear starting out and I think that was down to ignorance, as I didn't really have a clue as to how to actually run a business. I have SO much more fear now. Now that I have a team who rely on the business, expectations from customers, market pressures, I understand what cash flow is and why it is so important. Starting out was the easy part! 

4. What motto do you live by?

Health is your greatest wealth. We need to start looking after ourselves more – not just in nutrition and exercise but also in rest, sleep, family, community. Without feeling truly healthy and happy it’s hard to enjoy much else in life. We must put these things first.

5. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start their own business?

When you’re first getting started don't necessarily give up your day job until your new venture proves it has traction – you’ll then reach a time in the business when you’ll feel I need to do this full time in order to make it grow. That way if it isint the right path for you, you still have your income supporting you and you can try something else again. With Hip & Healthy, I did it for a year alongside working at Conde Nast – it meant that I had little time to socialize (evenings were taken up learning how to create web pages, respond to emails or meet with PRs) but I genuinely didn't mind as I was following a passion that meant I didn't feel like I was missing out. 

6. How do you relax/wind down? 

Meditation is a great way to transition from busy working day to – okay this is my chill time now in the evening. But contrary to this sometimes what I need is to go for a long run out doors as it helps my mind wind down! But also a hot bath with oils and a good book, or even just watching a film with the family!

7. How do you achieve the balance between being a business woman and a mum? 

Although the word balance is an adjective I think of balance as more of a feeling rather anything you can “do”. As although there are things you can do to try and maintain a balance actually this looks very different for different people and also it can be different for me on a day to day basis. For example I recently spent a whole week at work, working quite late and long hours and then at the weekend my husband and I went away for his birthday and when I got back on the Sunday I felt like the balance had shifted vastly in favour of work and of “me time” so I decided to take the Monday off to spend the whole day with my son and it was the best possible thing I could have done – we both needed it. So I guess I just check in with how im feeling on a regular basis and try and shift the balance when it needs shifting. GAHD – I feel like that was a really long-winded way of me basically saying I have no idea how to maintain balance – I just do my best!  

8. What is your long-term goal for Hip and Healthy?

We hope that Hip & Healthy becomes the one-stop shop for anyone wanting to shop or learn about health and wellness. We are constantly adding new luxury wellness products and quality activewear brands to the site! We are also dabbling in our first “high street” presence as we are opening a temporary concept store at 77 Elizabeth Street, Belgravia, London on 1st December!


Sadie Reid / Director & Founder

020 3603 0193


Hip & Healthy

Goodwin House, 5 Union Court, Richmond, TW9 1AA



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